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  • Blue Green Plaid Tartan Bracelet Cuff

    Tartan Plaid Bracelet

    $ 70.00

    Tartan bracelet woven in a plaid design with a nice button clasp to fit snug on the wrist.

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  • MacDonald Hunting Tartan Bracelet Pattern

    MacDonald Hunting Tartan Bracelet : Bead Pattern

    $ 10.00

    Wear a classic tartan plaid around your wrist! Weave this design based upon the Scottish MacDonald Hunting plaid into a beaded bracelet. Done in the single even-count peyote stitch.

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  • Monarch of the Glen Tartan Plaid Bracelet Cuff

    Purple Plaid Bracelet Cuff : Beading Pattern

    $ 10.00

    This pattern is based upon the Monarch of the Glen plaid tartan. Woven from an abundance of 16 colors dominated by a variety of bright purples, pinks and yellows, this will require attention and effort to make, but the result is satisfying and similar to the original complex plaid cloth.

    To be stitched in single, even-count peyote, using small cylinder seed beads and finished with glass rounds as a button closure.

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