Pink Red Rose Pin

Been working awhile to perfect a rose pattern/tutorial. This is just one of many prototypes that eventually being given as a gift.

When I first worked on this design, each petal was created to radiating out from a center base. By the time the last petal is added, the project has become unwieldy, difficult and often the thread would get tangled, caught up in the mass. Had a eureka moment starting this umpteenth version, make it modular in stages with each circle of five petals done separately. Then link them together through the middle. Worked so much better, less struggle and I finally think this can be explained in a guide that will be fairly straightforward enough to follow.

*rose tutorial to be posted soon*

  • Project Type: Brooch Pin
  • Bead Stitches: Freeform
  • Materials: Glass beads and pearl
  • Collection: Gifted