Peacock Pearl Necklace
Peacock Pearl Necklace
Peacock Pearl Necklace

A friend saw some peacock pearls at a gallery and fell in love with them. I offered to make a necklace using something similar. It looks simple now when finished, but had an internal struggle of how to make it.

There are beads of odd shapes and I wonder how to incorporated them into a design. That works. Looks nice. That I can make. How to make them look beautiful and harmonious. Then the most important thought, how to make it structurally sound and not break at first or subsequent wearings.

This one wasn’t too difficult, but the odd shape of the peacock pearls had me going for awhile. Once I settled on the fact that they weren’t going to become all the same length or size and let them fall as they may, then it turned out okay.

And the recipient was very happy.

  • Project Type: Necklace
  • Bead Stitches: Freeform
  • Materials: Glass seed beads, peacock pearls, freshwater pearls
  • Collection: Gifted