It all started when I needed to make a costume for an Egyptian themed event. I figured I’d make some nice jewelry to highlight the outfit. Six months later, long after the event was over, the necklace was done. I had amassed a wealth of beads, knowledge and an awesome Egyptian pectoral necklace. (No, that one isn’t for sale, still keep it for special Halloween and costume parties.) In the process discovered a love of beading and kept at it.

Each piece is from some inspiration and I rarely make the same item twice. I’ll see a bead that is odd or a unique color and I’ll try to figure out how to work with it, sometimes making it into a challenge. Saw this odd shaped bead that looked impossible to work with, struggled over the design reworking it over and over, then it sold even before it was done because someone loved the pattern.

The main importance I build into each piece is to make them enhance the wearer. These are designed to be subtle and gracefully fade to the background hinting softly just outside the mind’s eye, and frame the face of the wearer as the masterpiece.

Beauty is not just a luxury, it is nourishment and a necessity for the soul.

Favorite materials

Anything shiny that sparkles in the sun, soft and luscious material that is easy to sew, and throwaway trinkets that surprisingly becomes beautiful when incorporated within art

∙ ∙ ∙ ◦ ✴︎ ◦ ∙ ◦ ✴︎ ◦ ∙ ◦ ✴︎ ◦ ∙ ◦ ✴︎ ◦ ∙ ◦ ✴︎ ◦ ∙ ∙ ∙